Don’t Forget the Birthday Boy

Look around and *sniff sniff. What does that tell you?Image

Streets look brighter, twinkling in the trees, lanterns and children singing for each household.

Plus… there’s this weird desire that grows inside of you, telling you to give gifts to practically every person you know on the planet. And also you get this feeling that when you miss out on a mall-wide sale, it’s like missing out on your own Wedding Day or Graduation or something significant in your life.

Aaaand. DING DING DING! You got that right!

These are the tell-tale signs that CHRISTMAS is coming.

The age old saying “‘Tis the Season to be jolly” is alive and kickin’ once more and the drunkards in our street seem to be taking this saying waaay to seriously. Now, their drinking sessions are becoming as regular and frequent as the sunrise and sunset.

As a child, I loved Christmas because it usually meant I get to be buried in heaps of gifts from my family. But now that I’m all grown up and trying (hopefully not failing) to be a better human being, I tried to zone in, asking myself: “Is Christmas really just about gifts and parties and drinking WITH the adults in my family and falling into a deep coma in your bed without the thought of classes, projects, assignments and productions?”

Why the answer is YES. Christmas is so much more than that. And this became the inspiration behind this short video that we were asked to do for our MC 15 (Audio Visual Communication).



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