Post-Valentine Feels

February 15, 2014.

A Day after Valentines’ Day when all the reds and pinks and flower petals have (partly) disappeared from the streets of Davao City and all singletons miserably recalled last nights’ events of solitary make-out sessions with boxes of Toblerones and Hershey’s (that they bought for themselves in the nearest convenience store), another buzz has enveloped the City.

I’ve known about the buzz because the event was to be held in our school – at Holy Cross of Davao College. And what, you might ask, this event could be?

It was “Streetlight: One for Love” (By Gen Rosso Youth Workshop). 


Streetlight is a musical play based on the real life of Charles (Chuck) Derrick Moats – a youngster, who, despite the Chicago neighborhood filled with violence and gangsterism in which he lived, chose the higher road of peace, righteousness and love.

genrosso davao

Despite the influences and the invitations of his neighbors for him to join gangs and be involved in crimes, Chuck always found a way to refuse and took refuge, instead in The  Gen, the youth of the Focolare Movement.



The musical play was filled with songs speaking about finding light in the darkness and finding peace within oneself and among other people. Colors, music and real-life situations, Streetlight: One for Love was a mix and mash of emotions from the viewpoint of the audience.


What made the play even more special (aside from the main cast coming from different countries like Spain, Italy, Tanzania and the Philippines), was that it allowed students from Holy Cross to take part within the play, staying true to Gen Rosso’s advocacy to involve the youth in music instead of engaging in dangerous activities such as drugs and gangsterism.



By the end of the show, I, as an audience, was left with thoughts to ponder about myself as a person and as a youth (you can still consider a girl in her early 20’s as a”youth”, right? HAHA).

Anyway, after all that music and inspiration, my Post-Valentines Day sparked a feeling of elation within me that’s almost as good as the one I had during Valentines Day itself.


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