There Is A Small Lizard In the PBB House



This post was written after the author has read this particular Yahoo article: Will Pinoys Evict Big Brother?


I saw only 1 episode of PBB All-In  and after about 5 minutes, I just had to change the channel. I wasn’t even paying that much attention to it as I was more entranced by a small lizard walking across our TV screen. Perhaps my attention span is ADHD-quality (see what I did there?) but what little I saw nearly caused me to fall into a mental coma.


So why are ordinary Pinoys such as myself evicting PBB?


1.) Because the activities and “issues” in the show are un-stimulating and are completely pointless.

“Omg, let’s watch PBB tonight cause I saw in the commercial that they’re all gonna jump in the pool while yelling: ‘Pinoy Big Brother All-In’!!!”

I dunno if that actually happened in any of the episodes but I bet my rainbow socks there’s gonna be at least 1 pool-jumping scenario this season. (Just like any other season. Duh.)


2.) Because the supposedly heart-wrenching, tear-jerking backgrounders and life situations of the housemates have happened to other people before, possibly featured in MMK with ridiculously good-looking actors who don’t look at all like the real person they are playing. Newsflash: The “Pathos” approach to grabbing people’s attention has been played out. Next?!


3.) Because we don’t care to watch how celebrity guests chew their food or wash their underwear or flirt with other housemates. We have enough flirting to deal with in real life, thank you very much.


4.) Because all TV shows have a “shelf life”, an “expiration date”. And I’m sorry Laurenti Dyogi, but Pinoy Big Brother is rotten tomatoes at its best. It should have been tossed in the trash bin a long time ago.


5.) And so what if Daniel Matsunaga is in the Pinoy Big Brother House? Unless staring at his abs could actually cure Eye Cancer, I think I’m gonna pass. Let’s leave the drooling-over-the-television job to sad 40-year-old-virgins with 12 cats and no date, shall we?  Yes we shall.


Now, where did that lizard go?


Oh, there you are.





(Oh, and please turn off the damn TV.)